The murder of the Dutch Jesuit Fr Frans van der Lugt in Syria in April reminded us in a powerful and painful way that there are many dark and negative forces abroad in our world; but also many people who believe that evil will not and cannot overcome goodness. In this edition of Jesuits and Friends, we celebrate the vision of Fr Frans and others who work tirelessly for God's Kingdom and who are prepared to risk their lives for what is right.

War and conflict demand visionaries to proclaim a message of peace, justice and reconciliation. Pope Francis' recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land saw him appeal to Christians, Muslims and Christians to work and pray together for peace. And Jesuits and their co-workers are at the forefront of peace initiatives in many areas of Africa too, in countries such as South Sudan, where they are supporting refugees and are helping communities to equip themselves with skills for the future; or Kenya, where Jesuits in Nairobi are educating students in the peace process.

Having served the Society faithfully as its Superior General for the past eight years, Fr Adolfo Nicolas has announced that he intends to step down in 2016. We give thanks for From the editor... his ministry and dedication which have been deeply rooted in the Ignatian tradition that asks: What more can I do for God? What more can I give? St Ignatius summed up this spirit of generosity - of time and talents, of resources and indeed of money - in the phrase: To give and not to count the cost.

The work of the Jesuits in Britain and beyond is challenging and varied. It is sometimes dangerous but also rewarding. And it is work that relies upon the generosity of our friends, our co-workers and supporters to whom we say a sincere Thank you!

Fr Dushan Croos SJ

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